About The Events

Sivabalan Pandian believes that every finisher in a marathon is a winner. What if all the finishers gets a chance to win a lucky-draw prize money. Yes, that's what makes our marathons so different. This idea is to make every finisher feel as a winner and also to help draw more runners & first timers to the sport. And needless to say, all the podium finishers will be honoured with prize and all finishers will be provided with finisher medal & certificate.

The whole agenda of the events in Pandians Marathon Academy is to get people running and to create awareness about the mental and physical health benefits. Pandians Marathon Academy will host wide range of long distance running events especially back to back / series marathons such as 3 in 3 (3 marathons in 3 days), 5 in 5, etc which currently happens only in US & Europe.

The most exciting part of the events is running with Sivabalan Pandian. Join him in his journey to promote marathons and help people live a better life.