Sivabalan Pandian finished his first marathon of 42.195 K at the age of 54. Suffering from diabetes at the age of 50, he started running to keep up with the deteriorating health. Which started as a routine walking soon evolved into running marathons. He has no background of running or any other sport in his young age. The first Indian to complete 508 (still counting) full marathons (42.195 km) and ultra marathons (>42.195 km) across 6 continents in just 9 years. Now he is 63+ years old but he feels as if he is in his 30's and he is enthusiastic than ever before. He has been confirmed as the Indian with the most number of Marathons (93 Full and 18 Ultra) run in 2018 ( in one calender year) by the LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS. He says that luxury makes people sick and so he has adopted a very simple life. He feels that his life has changed completely in other words GOT TRANSFORMED - he keeps up with his work as a textile industry consultant alongside with his intense marathon schedule – he feels very efficient and better organized.

At an age when everyone plans to retire and relax, Sivabalan Pandian stands as an example not only for old people but also for youngsters.

His journey gives us a subtle but a strong message that 'limits exists only in our mind'.

This inspiring marathoner is all set to impart the knowledge, experience and importance of running and fitness to several young and old generations through Pandians Marathon Academy. Sivabalan has dedicated his life to help as many people as he can to improve the qualities of their lives and to achieve physical and mental well-being through long-distance running.

How long distance running impacted my life

  • In spite of being a diabetic for many years, I overcame the necessity for taking insulin or related medication. While people at my age think that its mandatory to live with medicines, I am free of any medicine for years.
  • I have become very disciplined and got rid of various addictions which damaged my health.
  • I feel very positive, energetic and fit. Though I am 61, I feel like I am in my 30’s. I am now living a stress-free life despite all the day-to-day challenges. I am now confident to face and solve any situation with a strong will power.
  • My work efficiency has improved a lot. Inspite of constant travel and marathons (almost half of the year), I still continue my profession as a textile industry consultant. I am now able to finish my work in half than it used to take earlier. It is because of the focus and efficiency of mind developed through running.
  • Traveled extensively and have participated in marathons in 6 continents / 50+ countries. I will also run the Antarctica Marathon in near future.
  • I befriended runners from all over the world and met people who inspired me.
  • I got satisfaction and peace.
  • I got a chance to raise money for charity in the TCS New York City Marathon 2015. Incidentally, this marathon attracts the largest number of participants from all over the world. 22,248 women had completed the full marathon that year.
  • I also run in support of philanthropy; in January 2019, in the Tata Mumbai Marathon in support of the NGO RUBAROO for the cause of fighting Child Sexual Abuse.
  • A way of giving back to the society: I wants to live for others – I will open an old age home for the needy and I will promote the sport and benefits of running through PANDIAN’S MARATHON ACADEMY in India.

11 Years of Running History

How I Got Started

In the year 2010, I shifted from the bustling suburbs of Lokhandwala, Andheri (West) in Mumbai, (India) to the verdant green surroundings of Royal Palms, Goregaon East.

I was 51 years old and being a diabetic, I started slowly walking. In the year 2011, I started slow jogging up to 10 km. By 2012, I could slow jog 18 kms at a stretch. Slowly steadily I started running half marathon and then completely moved into full and ultra-marathons.

My First Run

When I just start to jog and completed 18 kms at a stretch, I happened to bump into one of my society friend, Mr. Rajesh Shetty, who had run the Standard Chartered Mumbai Half Marathon a few times. He inspired me to register for the 2013 SCMM Marathon. Unfortunately, I missed the half marathon registration deadline by a few days. I had no other option but to register for the Full Marathon.

I landed at my friend, Mr. Reynold D'Cruz's place to understand the registration process better. There I realized that a previous running record with a timing certificate was compulsory, which I didn't have. To achieve this end, I participated (Bib number: 22033) in the Kaveri Trail HALF Marathon on September 15, 2012. I completed it in 2:46:23. Armed with this timing, I registered for the SCMM Full Marathon 2013 of 42.195 kms.

On October 14, 2012, I participated (Bib number: 2848) in the Vasai-Virar Mayor HALF marathon and finished with a timing of 2:50:30. I also completed (Bib number: 27083) the Reliance Sabarmati HALF Marathon, Ahmedabad held on January 6, 2013, in 2:27:00, which boosted my confidence to run the full marathon of SCMM, which I would be running in a few days (January 20, 2013). In the Ahmedabad Marathon, at the flag-off, a small brief about the history of the marathon was delivered by the former Chief Minister of Gujarat and current Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. He had mentioned that it started as a sport only for men. The introduction of the women's marathon happened many years later. His speech inspiring and it motivated me to run my first full marathon at SCMM on 20 Jan 2013. with timing of 5:46:12.

Eventually, I started running full marathons at the age of 54 and still running!!

Sivabalan Pandian's speech about Mutthu Marathon



Started 4 marathon


10 marathons


27 marathons (Full + Ultra)


96 marathons (Full + Ultra)


168 marathons (Full + Ultra)


279 marathons (Full + Ultra)


393 marathons (Full + Ultra)


418 marathons (Full + Ultra) completed.


508 marathons ( Full + Ultra) completed.


663 marathons ( Full + Ultra) completed.


713 marathons ( Full + Ultra) completed.